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The performance of the team is not a cumulative sum of the individual success but works on a multiplier effect when people are able to make others successful. This is why, the solutions for organizational complexities do a not lie in cracking the code individually; they are achieved when everyone in the team develops clarity of the strategy with the help of each other. This day helps the participants experience the nuances of collaboration in the context of self, others and the team.



Duration: 30 Minutes.
Location: Indoor/outdoor
Number of participants: 20 to 40

Activity brief:
  • Participants should stand in circle.
  • Ask participants to stand in circle holding hands. Cut the circle from anywhere, hold one end of player’s hand. Now facilitator can mix up circle as tangles, facilitators should entangle the group by going through the circle.
  • After entangling them up join last two participant’s hands.
  • Ask participants to solve this tangle, and tell them to make the circle as it was before. Without leaving each other’s hand.

Location: Outdoor/Indoor
Life skills: Trust building, Daring, Risk Taking, Creating confidence on team members
Time taken: 30 - 45Minutes
No of participants: 20 - 25   participants
It’s a purported trust-building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows themselves to fall, relying on the other members of the group (spotters) to catch the person. A person stands on an elevated position (such as a stage, stepping stool or tree stump) and relying on multiple people to catch the person.  There are many variants of the trust fall. For instance, in one type, the group stands in a circle, with one person in the middle with arms folded against his chest and falls in various directions, being pushed by the group back to a standing position before falling again. A group member yells "double up!" if his own strength proves insufficient and immediate backup is needed to prevent the person from falling.


Location: Outdoor
Life skills: Coordination, Trust, Support and role play
Time taken:  20 – 30 minutes approx.
No of participants: 20 - 30 participants

It is a fun catch balloon. Two pair of team as many as participant, lined up in moveable line, teams facing each other’s. Every team will get one water balloon. Game is to throw or pass the balloon to collaborate one by one safely without crossing the line. If the balloon burst, team will be eliminated. After every line throw completes the teams distance extends three steps more. 


Location: Outdoor
Life skills: Improve listening capacity, team work, planning, decision making, leadership quality, communication and thinking ability

Time taken: 
45 minutes.
No of participants: 30 - 35   participants

Two teams of 8 participants each standing face to face & given a task of reaching the other side with only 4 (or more) blocks. Since the numbers of participants are double the number of blocks this helps in building team effort and co-ordination not just within one team but also amongst both the teams.
Location: Outdoor
Life skills: Teamwork, Communication, Support, Trust, & decision making ability
Time taken: 10 - 15 Minutes
No of participants: 25 - 35   participants

The group is divided in several or significantly four groups and taken to the various parts of the field blindfolded. However before such a thing happens the group is given by the their group a distinct call , a distinct sounds and this  can be only recognised by the inmates of the group . So when the individual’s are taken far of in the field and f they reconnect with their group through their individual sounds 




The group has to sit in a circle and they will be asked some questions by instructor individually. (1)There should be no connection in Question & answer, the answer has to be totally disconnected. If the question is, how r u feeling today? The answer has to be like “the sky is blue". Question: what you had in your dinner? Answer: "I like to play soccer". (2)Answer has to come out very quick in form of (3) complete sentence, participants are not allowed to think and answer and they can’t repeat their answer. (4) Participant, whom instructor is pointing out and asking the question, is not supposed to give the answer. But the person who is sitting on his /her right hand will give the answer.


The team has to sit in a circle and a player in centre will explain them about the acts of four different Animals, i.e. frog, Rabbit, Elephant & snake. After a practice round, when the games start the person in the centre if says frog, the team has to perform the act of frog and if he says elephant then team will perform the act of elephant. While the person in the centre doing totally different, just to confuse them. He is saying frog and performing like snake, saying elephant and performing like rabbit. The team has to concentrate what he is saying not what he is doing.


5 (or any number of teams) teams equally divided. 5 colour ribbons pieces speeded in ground everywhere. Game is each team has to collect the chosen colour ribbons and tie it up make longer than others.


Teams divided equal and line up in a row. Game is to pass the ball from first person to last person one by one under the legs, last person has to come at the first with the ball and again continue the same process until the first person comes at the first again.


Every participant will be given various animals name chit. Task is to find the partner Sounding a s pacific animals given on the chit.


Every team will be lined up facing back and sit on the floor. At the end of the row the empty bucket. First water filled bucket. Every participant will have an empty glass. Task is to pass the water glass to glass and fill the last empty bucket.


Teams will be placed in corners. Each team’s leader will be blind fold.  In the center of the ground many small ball will be placed spreads.  Blindfolded leader has to collect the ball as many as the can and put the ball in their house or corner. Rest teams can only guide by shouting their leader.

Every team’s leader will be blind folded. And kept on the middle, every team member will be given one corner as house. Small colour balls will be spread all over the ground. Game is to collect the given colour ball by blind folded leader guided by members and take it to the house..

BLIND FOLD - Sheppard and the goat

Three or four teams equal. Two leaders of each team have to lead the team to the sudden point or post with the help of whistle or clap .All the team members will be blind fold. (Pro. Blind fold)


Many country’s name will be display at ground, group leader will guide the team rest team has to find the country, they has to collect 42 country as suggest, every team will search their country at same time there will be big running and shouting. The first country collector is the winner.


Teams will be placed in corners. Each team’s leader will be shuffled and kept in the back of different teams. Every team has to write 15/20 grocery items. Teams are not allowed to move from their places. Task is- a team has to shout loud and make their leader copy the items which they have. Problems comes when all the teams shout at the same time and leader find difficult to copy from their teams mate because they are at the other end behind the different teams.


Every team will get one pencil tide with many strings .every members will hold the stings and balance the pencil in the middle. Task is to balance the pencil and put inside the bottle in the centre.


Two large teams, one team stays inside the ring other team outside the ring circled. Game is to throw the ball under arms and touch the inner team members. Whoever touches the ball is out of the game. Task is to make maximum out before times out.


Played as musical chair, instead of music keep the names of 3 fruits to every participant. Call the name and participant has to exchange their seats in between call the salad where everyone has to exchange. In between chair will be removed without chair will be eliminated.


Three or four teams will be given 1 raw egg, straw, rubber bands, silver foil and plastics paper. Team has to create the perfect parachute to land the egg on ground safely.(Pro. egg, silver foil, clean foil, straw, rubber band)


Group fun game Contest
a. Laughing contest,
b. Clapping in beat. Clapping in group.
c. Balloon juggling - music will be played every team has to dance with maximum balloon juggling.
d. Theme dance- (any-as break dance, jungle dance, slow motion fight seen, laughing, break dance, cricket ,
Marriage, office, etc) when music on. Group has to dance on their theme. And when the music stop freeze for 5 second the best freezer and the best dancers win the points.
e. Copy cat- Leader has to dance in the center; the rest team has to copy same as the leader moves.
f. Rock mock show-Last contest team has to perform as rock star (music background).  Best performers Team wins.

 (All the games are planned as fun team games because of the maximum pax and every one to participant on the game. All the games will take 20-40 min.)


Number Of Pax : 
Depends on Group Size (Minimum 20 Pax)
Date :   Weekends
Time :   10:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Venue :  Request for option

Food, Adventure Activities and indoor games

10:30am to 11:30am
Juices, Tea (herbal and regular), Bread & Preservatives, Milk &Cereals, Eggs, Poori, Bhaji, Achaar and Chutney (Served until 1 hour of group arrival)

11.30 am – 1.30pm

Activities (on sharing basis) Traditional Indian Games:

Gilli-Dandaa, Pitthoo, Lattoo, Kanchhe, Teer-andaazi, Rassa-kashi, Jhula, Peepaphor, Stappu, SaanpaurSeedhi, etc.

Modern Games:
Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.

Indoor Games:
Tambola, Carrom, Chess, Playing Cards, Snake and Ladder, Ludo, etc.

Water Activities: (summers only)
Fresh Water Splash Pool to enjoy cool dips.
(Complimentary for 1 hour; bring a change with towel etc).

Music and Dance:
In-house Music (bring music of choice in pen-drive and enjoy)

Team Building or Fun/Group Activities with a Professional Instructor.

1.30pm – 3.00 pm
Veg. /Non Veg. Buffet Lunch

3 pm – 4.30 pm.

Activities (on sharing basis) Traditional Indian Games

Gilli-Dandaa, Pitthoo, Lattoo, Kanchhe, Teer-andaazi, Rassa-kashi, Jhula, Peepaphor, Stappu, SaanpaurSeedhi, etc.

Modern Games

Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, etc.

Indoor Games

Tambola, Carrom, Chess, Playing Cards, Snake and Ladder, Ludo, etc.

Water Activities
(summers only)

ChhapaakTaal: Fresh Water Splash Pool to enjoy cool dips.
(Complimentary for 1 hour; bring a change with towel etc).

Music and Dance

In-house Music (bring music of choice in pen-drive and enjoy)


4.30pm -6.00pm

Evening Tea with veg. snacks and cookies (Served for half hour duration if required)

Followed by …………                                   

Cocktail Snacks:
Menu for Unlimited Alcoholic / Non – Alcoholic Beverages includes:
With IMFL House brands
Unlimited for 1.5 hrs. For every 0.5 hour