Major Attractions or things to see in Jim Corbett National Park:

  • Plants of Corbett National Park:- The plant life of the Corbett reflects the varied physical and environment features of the park. Plants of Corbett include species typical of the Himalayas as well as those occurring in Gangetic plains. Distinct species of trees, Shrubs, Herbs, Grasses, Ferns and Fungi have been recorded from here. The vast richness is responsible for the diversity of animals which use plants as food and habitat.

  • Magnificent Animals: Besides the healthy population of Tiger, Corbett has over fifty species of mammals. The largest of these are the Asiatic Elephants. Four species of Deer and two species of Chittal are also found here.

  • Remarkable Reptiles: The Ghariyal is an extremely rare animal found only in a few rivers in South Asia. The Ramganga is one of the few places where you can see these peculiar creatures in the wild. Driving on the park's trails you are likely to come across a Bengal Monitor Lizard - in imposing reptile up to six feet long. In the thickets you may also see the King Cobra. The cobra is an aggressive hunter and guesses what its favorite foods.

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