Haripurdhar is a small town in Sirmour of Himachal situated at an altitude of about 2500 mtrs above sea level.This place got his name from a mountain called Haripur Dhar. Haripurdhar was earlier known as 'Dungbhangayani'. Earlier it was the summer capital of the Sirmour, there is a fort named “KILLA” that was built by the rulers of developing Sirmour State. It was mainly meant to guard the state outskirts with the neighboring Jubbal State. Haripurdhar is a one of the most beautiful town of shivalik hills. It connects four sub regions Sangrah, Ronhat, Kupvi and Nohradhar to each other by road, language and culture. It is also a frontier town of Sirmour and Shimla district.
Haripurdhar has a pleasant weather during summer and in winters there is a heavy snowfall, in the month of may/June one can enjoy 0 degree celsius to 5 degree celsius. There is a temple situated on the border of Shimla & Sirmour and in this temple there are around 30 rooms with basic facilities. The temple name is Maa Bhangayani Temple. There are many other old temple is also available in this place.


Haripurdhar is about 30kms from Shimla city. One can hire cabs/Taxis to reach this place.

Maa Bhangayni Temple
This temple is a famous religious place in this region, situated on the outskirts of Sirmour and Shimla. covered with snow during winter season. Goddess is known as the Goddess of justice. As per mythology Maa Bhangayni was sister of Lord Shirgul Maharaj who helped them during wars with Mughal Emperors at Delhi.

Renuka Ji
This is another religious tourist attraction in Sirmour District. This place has a beautiful lake which is in oval shaped and has a hoop of 2.4 km.

Renuka zoo
This is the oldest zoo in Himachal and was started during 1957 with stray, rescued and deserted wild animals from the forests.

Churdhar peak
Churdhar Peak is situated at a height of about 3647 mtrs and is good location for trekkers from Nahan and Renuka. From top its give thrilling view of Chakrata and Shimla.

Habban valley
This village is about 70 km from Solan via Rajgarh and situated at an altitude of around 6770 ft. The valley is surrounded with deodar forests and lush greenery. The wildlife in the area includes: peacocks, tigers, deers, bears, kakkar, ghol and kastura.

Rajgarh is popularly known as the Peach Valley. It is a town and a nagar panchayat in Sirmour district. Rajgarh has two sub-divisions namely, Sarahan and Rajgarh, this place if full of natural beauty and is about 40 km from Solan. One can trek and camp in the valley.

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