Nako-“Incredible Place”

Nako is a dream village in Himalayas, located at the border of Tibet and altitude of about 3600 mtrs above sea level. This is a last point of the Kinnaur district. Due to high altitude one can face altitude sickness, there is no much trees at this place, one can walk around the village local peoples are very good here can invite you to their homes for a salted tibetian butter tea. Here homes are of mud with buddisht inspirations walls. There is no much rainfall so localities stores water in lakes from melted snow, by which they handle their field cultivation. Localities mostly cultivate green peas, barley and beans for their livelihood. In this village there is no Internet, Phone signals are poor and no medical facilities. All localites speaks English very well apart from there tibetian language. In Nako you will find roadside bins and “Keep Nako clean and Green “ signboards everywhere.
In the 8th century Master Rinpoche brought Buddhism to Nako and later Rinchen Zangpo discovered the monasteries inbetween 958 – 1055 A.D. It is famous for its sculptures, art works and scripture. Tibetian and buddisht culture can be found in this village be it in clothing or in food. Recently small temple complex is created for educational purpose to the monastery. Village is also famous for its fairs and festivals; anyone can take a part in this. Chham or mask dance is very popular in the region. Lamas through dance shows the defeat of the evils. Surroundings are very beautiful. Nako is also famous for apple orchards.

How to Reach Us

By Air Jubbarhatti Airport in Shimla is the nearest Airport at a distance of around 331 km and other International Airport is Chandigarh which is about 424 km away from Nako. Cabs/ Taxis are available from Airport.

By Rail Kalka is the nearest Railway station from Nako which is about 312 km away. Cabs/ Taxis are available from Raiway station.

By Road The HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) runs regular buses from neighbouring states of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab.

Best Time To visit Nako
Best season to visit Nako is June to October.

Nako Lake
Nako lake is surrounded by 4 Tibetian temples and mountains , valley giving a beautiful view for photoshoot. There are 4 caves near temple for meditation. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava meditate here and gave disclosure to his followers. Lake gets froze in winters and good for skiing and in summers it is good for boating and picnic spot for family and groups. The speciality of this lake is there is a waterfall nearby the lake the mythology about this lake is heavily abode of fairies.

Nako Monastery(Gompa)
Monastery is situated on the western edge of Nako Village. The entrance gate of the monastery is decorated with patterns , these monasteries are built in 11th century. There are various clay and metallic idols, stupas, various religious instruments and collection of Buddha scriptures (Kangyur) containing the direct teaching of Lord Buddha.

Mani Stones
In Nako Buddhist influence is there , you will find mani stones placed in different parts of this village . This is a sanskrit mantra and the basic chant in buddhism for seeking forgiveness from the nature and living beings.

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