Sanjauli is located at an altitude of about 2398 mtrs above sea level.Sanjauli is a main suburb of the city of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It is situated below the Jakhu Hill, it has a very wide and long market place like Mall Road spread from Sanjauli Chowk to Tunnel made by the British people. Sanjauli Cemetery is the only cemetery in Shimla that is still in use. It was started by the britishers in 1921, there is a bypass to Dhalli since 2008 which diverts the main road near Government college and passes through Chalaunthi. From Shimla Sanjauli is about 8 km in distance. As far as education is concerned there are Government Schools, primary schools or play schools for little kids like D.A.V. Public School,Saradwati Paradise International School present here.
In Sanjauli Primary Health care center and private practitioners are available . But the Indira Gandhi Medical College is hardly 15 minutes walk from here, healthcare is not a big issue as Shimla is nearby and in Shimla major hospitals are available. Sanjauli Chowk is an area of unique architectural design.

How to Reach Us

Shimla is the nearby place one can reach Shimla by air, by rail and by Volvo aur private bus . One can also hire cabs/ taxis and can reach to sanjauli as well . Distance between Shimla to Sanjauli is around 4 kms.

Dhingu Mata temple
It is situated in Sanjauli and devoted to Maa Durga . It is 150-200 years old temple,since it is situated at Dhingu (location) that is why it is known as Dhingu Mata Temple. There are more than 400 steep stairs to reach the temple.

Sanjauli cemetry
It is the only cemetery which is presently used by the Indian Christians and was built by the britishers in 1921.

Buddhist monastery
This monastery is nearby Dhingu Mata mandir.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple
In this temple Spahatik ,Crystal Shivlinga is present which is one of its type in Himachal Pradesh.In this region it is one of the oldest temple.

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