“Bhoomi Of Devtas”

Mandi is a popular commercial hub of Himachal Pradesh and also serves as a getaway to some famous valleys like Kullu, Manali, Spiti and Lahaul.Mandi is also wellknown for the temples. Mandi has two main rivers one is Beas River and other is Satluj River. Mandi previously known as Mandav Nagar also as a Sahor Nagar. It serves as a Headquaters of Mandi district and Zonal Headquaters of central zone including Kullu, Bilaspur and Hamirpur. It also serves as a educational hub many institutes is located here.In Mandi almost 300 temples which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and kali out of which 81 temples are the oldest ones , other than this Mandi is famous for its fairs and festivals, Maha Shivratri is the main festival here as most of the temples is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Famous food here is bhaturu which is known as Kachori over here in shops. There are severalhotesl here which gives you the river view from Hotel rooms.

Mandi history is not much , the area was earlier under the control of Ranas or Thakurs.The place which is mentionedin the literature is Rewalsar as a sacred place of pilgrimage, a small village karanpur is said to have founded by Mahabharta hero karan. A gumma temple where pandavas took the shelter when they were attempted to burn. In classic literature nothing much is mentioned about this place. Present Mandi was formed with the merger of two states Mandi and Suket on15th April 1948, When Himachal Pradesh came into existence.

How to Reach Us

By Air Bhuntar is the nearest Airport to Mandi around 60 km. Alternatively Chandigarh is the other nearest Airport about 116 kms from Mandi. Cabs/ Taxis are easily available from Airport.

By Rail Pathankot is the nearest railway station about 210 kms which further connects to Joginder Nagar which is around 55 kms from Mandi. Cabs/ Taxis are easily available from Railway Station.

By Road Regular HRTC bus service is easily connected from neighbouring cities and states like Delhi, Punjab and Haryana.

Best Season To Visit Mandi
Summer (April - June) The temperature in Summers does not rise above 20 degrees Celcius.

Monsoon (July - September) Mandi receives a good amount of rainfall in monsoon season so it is not advisable to visit in this season due to traffic jams and landslides.

Winter (October - February) The temperature in winters ranging from 20 to 3 degrees Celcius.Snowfall is very rare.

Mandi is a small city with commercial hub ,make sure of the foods availability to all types of tourists so many restaurants, dhabas, eating joints are available at this place.

Restaurants in Mandi
  1. The Landmark Restaurant
  2. Kora Community Café
  3. Topchen Restaurant
  4. Cafe Treat
  5. Moon Light Food Corner
  6. Nilam Bhojanalaya
  7. Roti restaurant
  8. Treat Restaurant

Barot is about 66 km from Mandi. This place not very much known among tourists. It was generally developed in the 1920s for Shanan hydel Project. Barot is famous for angling, fishing in UHL river is popular, Nagru Wildlife Sanctuary is a best picnic spot. A local temple is here Dev Pashakot the local deity of rain.

Prashar Lake Trek
Prashar Lake is situated at a height of about 2730m above sea level and around 50 km north of mandi. This is one of the interesting place in Himachal to visit with a crystal clear deep blue water , this lake has undefined depth . Surrounded by snow topped peaks , Dhaulandhar ranges adding a charming beauty to this place , popularity of this place is a three storey temple which was built in thirteen century . One can do trekking on this place , trek will start from Baggi village and this is a 15-16 km both sides, difficulty level is moderate, it is better to carry your food because there is no availability of food in this trek. There is no accommodation for the trekkers so it is advisable to carry your own sleeping bags and tents. Best time to visit this place is in Winter ( December- February) , snow can be seen at this time and in summers ( Mid of April to May). From Mandi it is about 45 kms one can hire cab/ taxis .
There is a mythology about this place , the lake was created by Bheemsen one of the the pandavas , after Mahabharta to find the best place for their teacher kamrunag who liked this place somuch that he wanted to live here for the rest of his life . At that time Bheemsen created the lake by pushing his elbow and forearm on the peak of the mountain. People come here with all faiths and throw money, silver coins and gold into the water.

Bhutnath temple
This temple is devoted to lord Shiva and is as old as the town itself 1520s. This temple is located at the centre of the town and most of the events , shivratri festivals is celebrated in the month of March.

Rewalsar Lake
The lake is located at an altitude of around 1,360 mtrs from sea level and about 22.5 kms from Mandi. This lake has three temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Sage Lomas. Tibetian call this lake as Tso-Pema, which means Lotus Lake. Also has a Gurudwara built in 1930 dedicated to Guru Goving Singh.
History of this lake is that when daughter of the King of Mandi planned to run away with Guru Padmasambhava , King tried to kill Guru by cursing them to die in fire . However, Guru Padmasambhava transformed the funeral into a lake of sesame oil, surrounded by a ring of fire with his supernatural powers. In the middle of the fire bloomed a huge lotus flower on which Guru Padmasambhava was seated surrounded by rainbows and clouds.

Pandoh Dam
It was constructed in 1977 on Beas River , located around 10 km from Manali. The purpose of this dam is Hydroelectric power generation. Every year during October- May water sports activities is arranged like white water rafting, the river provides grade 4 and 5 rapids.

Sunder Nagar
Sunder Nage is located at an altitude of about 1174 mtrs. and situated on National Highway.This is a small town but lot of things are here to explore.This is also known as Suket, it is embraced by the man made lake which is produced by the waters of river Beas-sutlej project.

Attractions in Sunder Nagar
Mahamaya Temple: This temple is located on the top of the hill, visited by thousands of devotees.

Murari Devi Temple: The temple was built by Pandavas during their 'Agyatwas. It has rocks which are believed to have the footprints of the Pandavas Shukdev Vatika: There is a cave in the garden and as per mythology Saint Sukhdev meditate at this place and cave leads to Haridwar and it is a belieaved that Rishi took a bath in the holy water of Ganges through this cave only.

The Lake: This lake is a part of BSL Project , and is one of the attraction point for the tourists.

Tattapani is one of the popular destinations in Himachal and has a countless adventures activities like trekking, river rafting, rock climbing and has hot water springs, temples, caves , meadows one can explore this place in the best form .

Attractions in Tattapani
Hot Water Spring As the name it self says hot water springs , this appears in the month of November and December and disappears in the month of June and July when water level rises. This spring has a medicinal values which can cure skin diseases, joint pains and fatigue.

River Rafting River rafting is a cold water of River Sutlej, one of the longest rivers in India. Surrounded with landscpaes all around and is opened in the month of May and June, one start the rafting from Chabba which is about 12 kms to Tattapani or from Sunni which is about 5 kms from Tattapani. Another option is from Pandowa which is around 36 kms from Tattapani.

Shiva cave Shiva cave is almost .5 kms from Tattapani in Saraur. One can go there by either climbing of 450 stairs it is well maintained or by 10 minute drive.This cae is dedicated to Lord Shiva .

Adventure Park This park is a ideal place for the picnic with lots of activities like rope bridge, Burma Bridge, commando net and flying fox etc. One can enjoy this place with family and childrens.

Trekking and Camping Shikari Devi Peak, Dev Bedeog Peak and Shali Peak are the most well known trek paths. There is more hills incomparison to roads so one can enjoy trekking and camping here.

Mahunag This place is around 35 kms from Tattapani and devoted to Mahun Nag the great snake , it is a ancient temple of Maharaja Karana.

Kamru Nag Lake This lake is situated at the height of about 3334 mtrs. This place lies on the Mandi-Karsog road and is the best place for the trekkers.

Bhima Kali Temple This temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhima kali and one of the famous temple in Mandi. There is a saying that this is the place where Lord Krishna fought with demon Banasura . This temple is situated on the banks of River Beas.

Kamlah Fort This place is situated around 80 km from Mandi, built by Raja Suraj Sen in 1625, at a height of about 4772mtrs. It is a historic place to visit.

Indira Shopping Complex Inbetween the hills this shopping complex was created , it is a central shopping district in Mandi.

Janjehli This place is around 64 kms from Mandi . An ideal place for trekking , one can enjoy trekking here.

Chindi This place is located about 107 kms from Mandi. This is a peaceful place with Apple Orchards , several temples to visit and charming beauty of the nature.

Shikhari Devi Temple This temple is located around 5 kms from Mandi.One can trek to this temple at a height of about 3332 mtrs above sea level.

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