Sangla is located at an altitude of about 9000 ft. and around 200 kms away from shimla, this valley is situated in the Baspa Valley of Kinnaur district, it is close to the Tibetian border that is the reason there is a effect of tibetian culture in this area. The valley is situated around 30 km in distance from Tibetian border. In Tibetan language, the word 'Sangla' means 'Pass of Light'.The speciality of this valley id Red apples orchard and juicy cherry trees. Someone who is interested in adventure, trekking, camping ,fishing then Sangla is the best option for them. Sangla is a riverside valley surrounded by mountain slopes, evergreen forests and snow-covered peaks. This valley is also famous for temples and wooden work.
Trekking includes the beautiful Kinner-Kailash peak and angling at Baspa River.

How to Reach Us

By Air Jubbarhatti Airport at Shimla is the nearest Airport at a distance of about 238 km. Alternatively Dehradun Jolly Aiport is also nearby at a distance of around 125 kms from Sangla. Taxis/cabs are available from Airport.

By Rail Kalka Railway Station in Shimla is the nearest Railway station. Taxis/cabs are available from Railway station.

By Road HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) runs regular buses from Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Private as well as state buses from Chandigarh for Sangla are also easily available.

Best Time To visit Sangla
Summer (March - June) The temperature ranges from as low as 8 degrees to as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

Monsoon (July - September) During rainy season fog gets accumulated around the mountains and it is dangerous to go in this season, rain leads landslides, traffic jam so it is advisable to avoid in this season.

Winter (October - February) The temperature of Sangla during the winters can fall to as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Due to the heavy snowfall, the roads to Sangla stay blocked for six months.

In Sangla mostly dhabas, street joints available where you will find north Indian cuisine plus tibetian foods like Thukpa, momos and dumplings etc.

Top Restaurants in Sangla Taste of Tibet, Cafe 42 , Sonu's Cafe

Chitkul Village
This village is on the banks of River Bapsa , there is a mystery about this village which is untouched.It is around 28 km away from Sangla and is situated on the Indo-Tibetian border, the last village in India. Being a hill station surroundings are beautiful , one can buy potatoes from this village which is famous in this region.

Sangla Meadow
This place will refresh your mind, body, souls . Surroundings are covered with lush green meadows with mud patches , snow covered mountainslook amazingly beautiful. One of the best place not to miss.

Kamru Fort
This fort is located at an altitude of around 2600 mtrs. above sea level and is about 2 kms away from Sangla. Lord Buddha image is kept on the entrance of the fort to greet the guests.At the top of the building Goddess Kamakhya Devi idol is placed , it has been brought from Guwahati. Balcony of this fort is made of wooden. In this fort 15th century Badrinath temple is situated and serves as the venue of a fair held once in every three years.

Bering Nag Temple
This temple is devoted to Lord Jagas also known as Lord Shiva. It is few kilometers away from Sangla, in the month of August and September every year large number of people visit here to attend the "Fulaich fair".

Batseri Village
This village is located around 8 kms away from Sangla. BatseriVillage is a beautiful village in Kalpa Tehsil of Kinnaur district of Himachal.This village is located on the left bank of Baspa River. One can buy handicrafts, hand made shawls, and Kinnauri caps. One can explore the village by spending time here.

Tibetian wood carving centre
This centre has a good collection of handicrafts and hand made items by the villagers. This place is good for those who love to collect the handmade crafts , wood carvings as they will find Tibetian style items here.

Wood carving work is famous here. You can also look for Kinnaur apples which is the best in the world.

Buddhist Monastery
The Sangla valley has a strong influence of Buddhism, this Monastery was founded in 1992 by the Mahabodhi Society . This is also known as Brelengi Gompa, in Sangla.

Baspa River
The Baspa River originates from Baspa Hills and joins the Sutlej River. This place is good for adventurous seekers for trekking ,camping . Variety of fishes are available in this river, surroundings is covered with huge oak and pine trees forests.Tibetian culture effect can be seen over here.

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