Shojha is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh situated around 150 kms from Shimla. It is a very quiet place to feel the beauty of Himalayan region. Shojha has a pleasant weather throughout the year gives amazing look as whole area is covered with snow peaked mountains, deodar forest. Apart from this there are villages, fort,lake, waterfall and valleys are the attractions point. In Shojha commuting is very easy one can get taxis to go from one place to another, walking and hiking also one can do . There is a small dhaba near Serolsar Lake which serve hot food and overnight shelter to the campers. Shojha is blessed with the Himalayan beauty and is good for walks, treks, bird watching, campers, hiking and for those who want to experience the nature feel.
Shojha is just around 5 kms from Jalori pass and has a wooden temples , and one can mostly find wooden cottages here for stay you will simple fell in love with them .This is the best place for the photographers as they will best scenic beauty to capture in their camera. One can hike to Raghupur Fort , it is a steep walk through oaks forest and gives you a experience of almost 360 degree view of Himalayas. Raghupur history is unknown , but as localities it was built by King of Mandi to escape from attackers.

How to Reach Us

By Air Bhuntar Airport is the nearest Airport from Shojha at a distance of around 8 km. Bhuntar is directly linked with major cities like Delhi, Shimla etc.. Alternatively Chandigarh is another nearest Airport which is around 71 kms from Shojha. Cabs/Taxis are available from Airport.

By Rail Shimla is the nearest Railway station to Shojha at a distance of around 60 km. Alternatively Joginder Nagar is the other Railway station at a distance of about 165 km. Cabs/Taxis are available from Railway Station.

By Road Private and state-run buses have regular services from Delhi and other neighbouring states.One can hire a personal cab/taxis.

Best Season to visit
Summer (April - June) The maximum temperature remains at 30 degrees Celcius while the minimum varies from 5 to 7 degrees Celcius.

Monsoon (July - September) Between July to September, Shojha receives very moderate rainfall. It is advisable not to visit in monsoon season due to landslides and road blockage.

Winter (October - March) During December and January, the temperature at night is known to drop to -5 degrees Celcius. Even in March, when the plains tend to get hot, the maximum temperature here goes up to 9 degrees Celcius. December is very chilly.

Being a small village you do not get many options, you can get some dhabas. You can find a small dhaba near Serolsar Lake, serving hot food and overnight shelter for campers.

Waterfall Point
Waterfall point is at a distance of about 1 km from Shojha , this waterfall is sweet and cold. You can go on long walk with gurgling sound of water, it will just refresh your senses.

Jalori Pass
It is situated around 10,800 ft above sea level. It is situated at a distance of about 100 km from Shimla and around 5 km distance from Shojha. Just 3 km before pass road is is dangerous so it is advisable for the travellers to take extra precaution. One can also go for trekking through the trail you will come across places like Sereolsar Lake, Sakiran, Lambri, Bashleo and the Great Himalayan National Park. The forts of Fatehpurgarh, Raghunathpur, and Kalagarh, are also some interesting stops. Myth is that the Goddess 'Buddhi Naagin' resides in the Sereolsar Lake. After reaching Jalori pass the tourist can visit the Jalori temple. One can use car and bikes if trekking is not an option.

Serolsar Lake
Serolsar Lake, is located about 5 km from Jalori Pass. The lake has clear water which remains clear inspite of several leaves falling in to it. This place is famous for the temple which is devoted to Goddess Budhi Nigam. Localities believe that the Goddess has hundred sons and acts as a guardian of the place.

Tirthan Valley
Trithan valley is famous for housing the Great Himalayan National Park and the best place for angling.

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